Wait for It

Unless you've been living in a cave in the wilderness or jetting through the galaxy trying to find Luke Skywalker on a remote island hideaway, you've probably heard of the musical Hamilton. I know what you're thinking, “What does a Tony Award-winning hip hop musical about Alexander Hamilton have to do with being single?” I'm … Continue reading Wait for It

Single’s Survival Guide: 5 Tips for New Year’s Eve

God has given you the gift of a fresh start through Christ, and that midnight moment gives you the gift of a fresh start in the new year, so embrace that and start the year off with a positive attitude and hope for the future.

Be a Shepherd for Christmas

This is my first post in a while due in part to the craziness that has been going on over the past few weeks. I ambitiously decided to hand make the majority of my gifts this year in an attempt to save some money due to some unexpected expenses that arose this year. This process … Continue reading Be a Shepherd for Christmas