So, moment of transparency, dear friends. I've been emotionally exhausted with the state of the world lately, and truthfully, have not had the emotional or mental energy to devote to writing a blog post. For today, I'm going to merely leave you with the lyrics of my go-to song when I need hope that at … Continue reading Hope


Photo by pixaby Pride is one of the strongest qualities that makes us human. It is essentially what ripped us from the arms of God in the first place. Isaiah describes pride as trying to raise ourselves above God or make ourselves like God and in Genesis 3:2-6 we see Eve being deceived by the enemy … Continue reading Proud

Love vs. Evil

Photo by Rayo Rauck I'm going to start this post by saying that I am veering from my usual single oriented post here, but I have something to say that I hope and pray God will use for His benefit. This week, we saw yet another tragedy occur with another mass shooting in a high … Continue reading Love vs. Evil